Thursday, February 26, 2015

SJE to Perform at a Benefit for Children in Malawi

The Sustainable Jazz Ensemble will be performing in a duo format for a benefit this Saturday, Feb. 28, for the children of Malawi. The reception, called "The Far End of the Road" will take place in Bishop-Pierce Hall of Trinity Church on Mercer Street, from 6-8pm. We are scheduled to play from 6:15 to 6:45. There will be a short film appetizers, and a creative auction. If you'd like to attend, there may still be time to rsvp at The webpage links to details of the event, including phone numbers for more info.

A special guest, Todd Schafer, President & CEO, GAIA will be at the reception. GAIA stands for Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance. Visiting Princeton from San Francisco, where GAIA is headquartered, he has just returned from Malawi where he was assessing the flood damage and best ways to help.

There will be a screening of the short film "The Far End of The Road", which showcases GAIA's lifesaving work at the frontlines of the fight against HIV/AIDS in rural Malawi, where 1 in 5 lives with HIV. Produced by an award-winning team at MediaStorm, the film features the lives of remarkable women who make up the face of GAIA.

My understanding from organizer Joy Bechtler, is that Malawi has recently suffered a change in climate that has caused the monsoon season to arrive at the wrong time, destroying crops and exacerbating the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

If you're interested in learning more but can't attend, the 17 minute film can be viewed online.
"The Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance takes the medical breakthroughs of the developed world and brings them to The Far End of the Road. Their focus is singular: one district in Malawi where 1 out of 6 adults are HIV-positive and healthcare can be many hours away. GAIA is successful, in part, because they bring care to those who might otherwise go without. Using mobile clinics, follow-up coordinators who travel to remote villages, as well as nursing scholars, GAIA helps those most in need. The Far End of the Road is the story of two nurses who serve the sick of Malawi."

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