Friday, May 8, 2015

Crying It Out: At the Bawl

A memorable rendition of a tune I wrote called "Crying It Out: At the Bawl", which reminds me of days spent touring with a bigband in the midwest. The tune (starts at 2:05) is prefaced by some remarks wherein you can learn what a territory band was in the '30s. The territory band I toured with briefly was the Eddie Howard Orchestra, which by the time I joined it in the late 1970s was in its "ghost band" phase, meaning the leader had long since died, but the band could still fill ballrooms in the midwest with dancers. After an endearing rendition of the tune itself, I take questions from the audience, which brings on a story of my quitting the band, but not before getting fired, and the band's dramatic demise soon thereafter, which I hadn't known about until I recently checked out the band's description on Wikipedia.

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