Friday, October 7, 2016

Our Keyboardist Phil Orr--a Video and Upcoming Gigs

Phil Orr, who plays keyboards with the Sustainable Jazz Ensemble, is a man of many collaborations. In addition to teaching at Rider University, he leads his own trio, and is accompanist for the founder of Grounds for Sculpture, J. Seward Johnson, during his Thursday singalongs--all fun and no cover. Check out upcoming performances in Princeton, Rats Restaurant Gazebo and elsewhere at Phil's website under the "news" tab.

Below, Phil and friend offer a whimsical performance of one of Wardell Gray's brilliant saxophone solos, later immortalized in lyrics. Gray's original recording can be found here. Part of my training on saxophone involved transcribing solos by Wardell Gray and other greats, to develop my ear and gain some sense of how they could navigate through the harmonic changes with such ease.


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